Metallica - Full Ride The Lightning- Orion Festival - Full Live Show

Watch the full show of Metallica at Orion Festival 2012 1. Hit the Lights 2. Master of Puppets 3. The Four Horsemen 4. Sad But True 5. Hell and Back 6. The Call of Ktulu 7. Creeping Death 8. Escape 9. Trapped Under Ice 10. Fade to Black 11. For Whom the Bell Tolls 12. Ride the Lightning 13. Fight Fire with Fire 14. Nothing Else Matters 15. Enter Sandman Encore 16. Battery 17. One 18. Seek & Destroy

Women and Alcohol - An interesting article written by Woman

Women and alcohol in Western society has been on a massive journey of change in the last 70 years. In the 1940s and 1950s it was still very rare to find women in public houses and drinking was really something that men did.
In the 1960s during the liberation of women many of them started to frequent public houses and indeed, it became much more normal to see woman drinking. The rise in sales of wine started and has continued to this day, mainly due to woman and their preference for drinks other than ale and beer (partly due to reports of it being less calorific, partly due to taste).
A major change happened in the 90s, this is probably due to two reasons. Firstly, alcohol manufacturers started to produce drinks with women in mind and advertisers focussed on women as they had done with cigarettes in the 50s and 60s, perpetuating the myth that alcohol could make women sexier, more in control of their decisions and just as able to drink as men. Secondly, at this time we also saw the rise in the ‘ladette’ culture encouraging woman to behave like their male counterparts.  Something which I have never understood, we continuously try to behave like men in all of their worse aspects rather than better than them.
It is now considered ‘normal’ for a woman to go out and get so drunk that she is unable to make decisions about her health and welfare, something that would have been considered socially unacceptable 70 years ago. Woman who did drink at this time were considered low women with loose morals.
It is a scientific fact that women process alcohol differently that men due to the different levels of body fat that women have in comparison to men. Further studies appear to indicate that women who drink heavily are more vulnerable to alcohol-related diseases such as alcoholic liver cirrhosis and brain damage than males, although more males still suffer more chronic health problems due to excessive alcohol consumption. Serious illness appears to happen with women at a lower alcohol level than with men, with the exception of one risk. Very moderate drinking appears to reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and blood pressure problems in woman whereas raises it in men.

Metal News June 2012

Deicide Cancel Bloodstock Set Due To Unforeseen Circumstances.
Prometheus Star Michael Fassbender: “I Love Sepultura, Megadeth And Slayer And Got Kicked Out Of A Pub For Playing Metallica”.
In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Sabaton And More Confirmed For 70,000 Tons Of Metal 2013!
Testament Stream New Song ‘True American Hate’
Metallica: Full Orion ‘Ride The Lightning’ Set Now Online In All Its Glory!
Gus G: “Being On Stage With Ozzy, Slash and Zakk Is Fucking Amazing!”

Boxing - Box - Boxers

A sport that I actually know hardly anything about. But to sum it up in my own words. A sport that takes a lot of time to practice for, and I imagine that it is hard work. It is a little too violent for my own liking, but a lot of people like it. And a lot of drunken people like to think they can box themselves. I really can’t write much more on this subject.

Skirt - What is a skirt - why women wear skirts

An item of clothing that I hardly wear because they’re far too feminine. Although they look good, and come in different colours, I only own one, which is white and frilly I might add. They make me feel exposed, which is why I hardly wear them. And it doesn’t help that when the wind blows they blow up and actually do expose you. I am starting to like skirts though. But I still daren’t buy one. I barely cover any skin (even though I wear unbelievably short shorts). I think they even look crap if the wrong kinds of people wear the wrong kind of skirt.

Metal Music - What is Metal Music?

A type of music that alternative people listen to. There are many different types like, grunge metal, heavy metal, thrash metal and so on. There are usually four people in a band a vocalist, a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer, on the odd occasion there is a rhythm guitarist. People usually head bang or pit to this kind of music, which can result in damage, but it is a price to pay for good music. Metal has been around for many decades, a large number of the population likes it and it is a good remedy for angry feelings (I find anyway).

Dating - What is Dating? - Why must we date?

Something that both male and females do, either when they, or when their parents think they are ready to do. It could be a fun night out, or even just a lunch. Not everyone has time for dating though. And could be anything you wanted it to be. Dating usually is something that two people do when they’re attracted to each other, and want a relationship. But sometimes it could be that one of the two people is using the other, to get them into bed or any other self-gain reason. Some people don’t ever date, they are usually monks or nuns.

Bikini - What is Bikini - Wy Must Girls Wear Bikini

An outfit that females wear when they are either on holiday or if the weather is hot. It is usually an outfit that looks like a bra and pants. They can be just tied up in a bow around the back or can have a clip fastener and usually come in all sorts of bright colours. They are usually made out of polyester or lycra so they can be worn in swimming pools. not every wears bikini’s as society deems people unattractive if they don’t have the ‘perfect’ body. There are other types of bikini, like the Hawaiian hula bikini which is usually made of a coconut bra and a grass skirt.

A Wednesday Story

I need to house train my frog, he just pooped on my window sill.
I am up for this loads. I bought new heels today and they need showing off.
I think my heads gonna explode...worst headache ever.
constantly giving myself panic attacks. Need to seriously chill out.
Don't look at me.. I'm a nice boy and all .. but I'm over marching.

Why must they be so tempting with their corsets of the day?
What is everyone up to on Friday.. I'm thinking drinks at mine..

Avrupa'daki En Zengin Ülke Hangisi

Ülkeler itibariyle karşılaştırıldığında, 2011 yılı geçici tahminlerine göre, 37 ülke arasında kişi başına gerçek kişisel tüketim endeksi en yüksek ülke 150 ile Lüksemburg, en düşük ülke ise 34 ile Arnavutluk oldu. Türkiye'nin 2011 yılı için gerçek kişisel tüketime ilişkin kişi başına hacim endeksi 58 olarak belirlendi.

Bu yazinin devami ve daha detayli bilgiler icin buraya bakiniz:

Amsterdam Astronomi Teleskopları ve Aletleri Fuarı

Astronomiye ve Teleskoplara merakli kisilerin sevecegi bu fuar oldukca meshurdur. Daha fazla bilgi, tarihleri, ulasim vs detaylar icin buraya bakiniz -

Hollanda Golf Fuarı

Avrupan'nin en buyuk ve meshur Golf Fuarlarindan birisi olan Benelux Golf Fuari Amsterdam'da yapiliyor. Bu Fuar ile ilgili daha fazla bilgi icuin buraya bakiniz -

Hollanda Endüstriyel İşleme Sanayi Fuarı

İşleme makinaları, press makinaları, sanayi ürünleri ve benzeri teknolojik malzemeler ve dev firmalar.
Bu fuar ile ilgili daha fazla bilgi icin buraya tiklayin -

Is Ska Dead?

 I honestly don't understand what it is supposed to be! They are feet sticking out of the bottom, so that big phallic rod appears to be coming from his 'undercarriage' area.

Ska is not dead; it's just out paddlin' waitin' for the next wave to ride!

I see you have a tribal tattoo, why not tell me all about your tribe.
Its so muggy outside. Only took dog to the park and I'm soaked in sweat.

Kittens Mittens This Poem is Written with Strings

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs

Ünlüler Nerede Yaşıyor - Ünlülerin Evlerinden Resimler

Ünlülerin yaşadıgı evlerin tipleri ve resimleri.

Angelina Jolie'in evi. Avril Lavigne'nin evi. Brad Pitt'in evi. Jennifer Anniston'un evi. George Clooney'in evi.  Britney Spears'in evi.
Tum bu Ünlülerin ve digerlerinin evlerini gormek icin BURAYA TIKLAYIN

The godfathers of grunge

In town enjoying the first of many beers, and eagerly awaiting the godfathers of grunge pearl jam to hit the stage.
He says I cant have a teepee unless i put it up so ...who else is going steel house festival.
I've obviously missed something now.. And that Is why I don't play rounders..
Get a ticket dude!! It'll be awesome!
 how to piss off the neighbours in style! hahaha
You hot weather people :)

I am totally cream crackered

Do I look like a looking vending machine?
you got a spare cig, like they make packets with spares in anyway.

Just looking at the similarities: slot in the front, buttons for choice of product, hangs around in pub corners ;) Next time you should say sorry pal i was gonna ask if you had spare change. Watch the face, I promise you will piss your pants.

operation day not long now..
is not the way we look,is the moment,we're so excited haha

An interesting day with rainbow salt cave jelly beans and random stuff

Fry me in butter and sprinkle me in rainbow dust

Looking forward to going to the salt cave.
Done with fifty shades. Too soppy an ending. What a balmy muggy humid morning..anyway love too all my jelly beans.
Making a start on decluttering and cutting down on the amount of random stuff i own...this could take a while! Nine in the afternoon not an appropriate wedding song but i love it

Smoked Feta Cheese

I don't even like regular Feta....tastes like a goats bedding.

Oh... you would LOVE smoked feta.... totally different... it is fantastic.

I'll take your word for it. just don't tell me you like blue cheese?

That freaks me out a bit, but you can get it with white instead of blue veins and that tastes nice and you can't see the mouldy bacteria.

Blue cheese tastes like the gents urinals in a public toilet.

Well I will have to take your word for it... I have never tasted the gent's urinals in a public toilet... or indeed any toilet.

Spider Attack

Attacked by spiders. Giving up & going to bed to whimper and have nightmares.

Spiders that met a gruesome death by cillit bang.

thats just harsh.

They had it coming, running at me like evil eight legged ninjas. Do not like.

There agrophobic. they cant help it.

Well if they're so agrophobic why cant they stay in their little hiding places and leave me the hell alone?

Well they do most the time but sometimes they need a run out. plus they do more good than bad its just a shame there scary lookin. they eat all my ants an flies so I am happy. that said i will give credit if they come in my room then its neutral zone and shit gets real.

Tornado or Tronada

Did you know that tornado comes from the Spanish word, tronada, meaning thunderstorm? Not only that, but did you know that most tornadoes form in the afternoon, between 3 pm and 9 pm?

in Iowa , those suckers can pop up whenever , the weather predictions are educated guesses. We have no sirens in the country best to watch the skies and animal behavior when the dish and internet is down. Birds not singing positive sign for bad weather coming.

The word "tronada" is in reference to a thunderstorm. Tornado is the SAME in the Spanish language, pronounced tor-naw-do

Tornado in spanish is tornado. i am from Uruguay and have never heard the word tronada before.

Who has scored the greatest ever goal at Old Trafford? Cantona? Rooney? Ronaldo?

Rooney...his 'salto' goal to Manchester city last year was so wonderful.

Rooney,a absoute gem of an overhead kick&that 2 against big spending city,also ironically got us the crown.

Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs

Overhead goal by Rooney vs man-citi was a cracker, stands out, hands down.

It is Ronaldo. But now is in Real Madrid. Ihope he wants to return in Manchester.

Rooney's volly kick .ManU Vs ManC

Nistelrooy's solo effort against fulham and a superb volley against juventes are really nice.

Should Europe follow the American style of elections?

Following the American example, a Presidential election primary has been organised in France. Do you think such a practice could and should be extended to European elections, with people choosing the top candidates of their political party ahead of the elections?

I don't think the EU should move into this direction. Because then you will get the phenomenon you can see everywhere, politions just think from one election period to the next. It is good to have some Institutions who are more independend in this regard.

This is a feature of Direct Democracy, the ancient Athens regime. Still there are a lot of improvements to be done as the way it is done in USA tends to produce a representative Democracy, not a direct one. Example of succesful Direct Democracy is the regime in Switzerland, inspired and organized in big extent by Ioannis Kapodistrias, a Greek fellow.

I really very want the that on all European Union, been one a president and a single area of the economy, I think that everyone would be better if our Europe will be the United States of Europe!!!

Euro 2012 - France and others

Integral to France's resilient rearguard was AC Milan defender Philippe Mexès, and his part in France's performance was rewarded with a Castrol EDGE Index-leading score of 9.17 – the fourth-highest rating for a central defender in the tournament so far.

Daniel Welbeck's subtle finish with 12 minutes left gave England victory and ended Sweden's hopes after another Kyiv night of high drama.

A torrential storm interrupted the action in the first five minutes before Jérémy Ménez and Yohan Cabaye fired France to their first Group D win.

Group of Death

Giorgos Karagounis's goal in first-half added time sent Fernando Santos's side to the quarter-finals at their opponents' expense.

Fernando Santos said that his Greece team's rediscovery of the defensive focus missing from their first two matches was the key to their decisive Group A win over Russia.

Two victims on Sunday and leaders Germany, cautioned by events two decades ago, are taking no chances as they target the last eight.

Team reporter Richard van Poortvliet reflects on his time covering Russia, finding Dick Advocaat's side to be accommodating off the pitch but short of a Plan B on it.

I am not missing the mud and spiders crawling over my body when I sleep at download

Today is an allotment, and finishing off fae wings,pixie waist coats,faery masks, faery chokas and the like day.
Look Who's Talking Too...
Half alive, half dead, I just can't tell!
I am going to start sorting things. Physically and mentally. It's going to be a busy week.

well i've just accidentally verbally abused my next door neighbors fella... i shouldn't be allowed to associate with the general public.

I want to be at Hellfest

Me too, but when is it? I want to be at there this year.
On a milk float outside again?  hehe. I wish you bloody were!
Bet its not muddy there! Full of frogs though
Yer a cultured bugger you,
Hellfest mellfest hopfest bobfest ohfest

I am having such an awesome time

I dont wanna go back to England.
well anythings gotta be better than this.
Alien influance.
Get a job and stay on soapy.
 We've got more rain and gale force winds. What's not to come back for?
So are we in the pissing rain and howling wind.
Its 26 degrees and bright blue skies here. Might chill in the hot tub later!

Is truly relishing the feel of cold porcelain on her behind, no need for a jetspray after every poop now

The service station saw some serious action from me.

I lasted for 4 whole days, somehow.The last 3 or 4 hours going home were painful though.

 Nice. sucks we didn't meet up again, I came to find you guys before and after Sabbath but had no joy.Oh well, at least we met up even if it wasn't for long. Hopefully we will see you sooner than next years

What's next? A nail-bomb made from dildos? PVC-clad Fembots? The horror! The horror

‎"The terrorists keep making more perverse and terrible weapons" - Newsreader re 'Underwear Bomb'

These cowards, turning themselves into suicide bombers while our brave NATO boys are trying to bravely slaughter them from a distance with drone planes and cluster bombs.


Pvc clad fembots would be an improovement in todays society.

I really cannot stand hello kitty - That is the only kitty I would skin alive

In a human context, that is quite an affectionate thing to say.
ahhh passionate catfights....bloodshed.
take the skin and peel it back . but doesn't it make you feel better?
Lol, good song choice!
It reminds of a trippy film... going to the beach, peeling back your skin and using it as a blanket, getting sand between your slimy intestines... buying an ice (well, rice milk based) cream and spilling it on your kidney. Those were the days.

Exercise your right to be informed

Okay, then it is my right to be informed as to what I need to be informed about!
been watching cheaters with laura thats all.

Is that where they chase cheating husbands and wives around with a camera crew? Like Jeremy Kyle crossed with Rec

Yeah it's piss funny, but seriously you don't need a detective agency to know that these people are cheating.

A lot of the time you can understand why they're cheating, though not why anyone would want to cheat with

They get caught shagging in a car park and try to deny it. I'm not shagging she's helping me change???

I don't understand why old people think its acceptable to not wear bra's when they are out in public

Wearing or not wearing Bra and older people.

I don't understand why young people think it's acceptable to show their underwear in public.

Sorry... I didn't know you had seen me...I won't do it again... well not this week anyway... 

Why do I attract such freaks in town?

An angry girl asks and her friends answers.

Whos hastling ya ?
Some black guy came up to me said I was gorgeous then walked off 
You are gorgeous... But I aint walking off 
N'awww cutie
its usually opposites that attract

Mormon Misyonerleri - Mormon Misyonerleri Hakkında Bilgiler

Mormonlar misyonerlerik faliyetlerini nasıl yürütürler. Mormon misyonerlerinin özellikleri nelerdir. Kimler Mormon Misyoneri Olabilir.

Mormon Klisesi (İsa Mesih Klisesi) saglıklı her genç mormon erkeginin misyonerlik faliyetlerine katilmalarıni ister. Genç kızlar da bu faliyetlere katılabilir fakat onlarin durumu firaz farklıdır. Ayrıca yaşlı çiftlerden de misyoner olarak hizmet etmeleri istenir.

Genç yaştaki Mormon erkeklerinin yaklaşık yüzde 40'i misyonerlik faliyetlerine katılmaktadır. Bunlar genelde 19 yaşindan itibaren en az 2 yil sureyle hizmet ederler. Bu bilgiler internete tarafindan eklenmistir. Para kazanmak için ne kadar vakit harciyolarsa esit duzeyde zamanlarını da misyonerlik icin harcamalari beklenir.

Misyoner olmak isteyen bir Mormon genci kiliseye başvurur, görüşmelete çagrılır ve eger uygun görülürse kabul edilir.

Misyoner gençler faliyetler için masraflarını ya kendileri karşıar, ya da aileleri veya cemaat destekler.  Kaynak:

Türkiye'nin en temiz şehri neresi - Türkiye'de en temiz şehir hangisi

Türkiye'nin en temiz kentleri. En temiz şehirler ve köyler

'Türkiye’nin en temiz kenti', 'Tüjrkiye’nin en temiz köyü', 'Türkiye’nin en temiz organize sanayi bölgesi' ve 'Türkiye’nin en temiz sanayi tesisi' yarışmaları sonuçlandı.  Çevre ve Şehircilik Bakanlığı tarafından düzenlenen yarismanin sonuclari soyle oldu;

Türkiye’nin en temiz köyü yarışmasında İzmir’in Bademli köyü birinci seçildi. Kahramanmaraş’ın Hacıağalar köyü ikinci, Kırklareli’nin Armağan köyü ise üçüncü oldu.  Paladyum Nedir - Paladyum Fiyatlari

Türkiye’nin en temiz kenti yarışmasında büyükşehir belediyeleri kategorisinde İstanbul Büyükşehir birinci, Bursa Büyükşehir ikinci oldu.

Nüfusu 50 bin ve 750 bin arasında olan belediyelerde birinci Denizli, ikinci Bolu, üçüncülük Kütahya oldu. Nüfusu 10 bin ve 50 bin arasında olan belediyelerde birinci Didim, ikinci Eğirdir , üçüncu Çiftlikköy oldu.


İskoçya'da Bulunan Gizemli Kayalar


Mayalardan Kalan Bir Piramid

Mobil İddaa

İzmir'e bu kadar çok kar hiç yağmamıştı!




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My Dear, Dear Betsy, I am now, for the most part, in a part of the world I never expected, it is however a place that has afforded me relief and saved my life, and I have the happiness to assure you that I am now in perfect health... Know then my own Dear Betsy, that I have lost the Bounty...on the 28 April at day light in the morning Christian having the morning watch. He with several others came into my Cabin while I was a Sleep, and seizing me, holding naked Bayonets at my Breast, tied my Hands behind my back, and threatened instant destruction if I uttered a word. I however call'd loudly for assistance, but the conspiracy was so well laid that the Officers Cabbin Doors were guarded by Centinels, so Nelson, Peckover, Samuels or the Master could not come to me. I was now dragged on Deck in my Shirt & closely guarded – I demanded of Christian the case of such a violent act, & severely degraded for his Villainy but he could only answer – "not a word sir or you are Dead." I dared him to the act & endeavoured to rally some one to a sense of their duty but to no effect...