Puppet of Russia? - Belarus, between west and east - A country on the edge - Being a mediator between Orthodoxy and Catholicism,

Some Belarusians think "Belarus is a puppet of Russia" and they want to see their country in Western side.
What about their President? Does he think the same?

Here the latest news about Belarus and its interesting relations with Vatican and West:
Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko is going on a visit to Europe for the first time in many years. He will travel to Rome to have a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Lukashenko has been trying to develop closer ties with the European Union lately, which raises concerns with the Russian administration. The Belarussian leader tries to become a mediator between Orthodoxy and Catholicism to make his country become a bridge between Russia and the European Union.

Alexander Lukashenko embarks of an official visit to Europe for the first time in 14 years. He will meet the Pope on April 27 in The Vatican. Lukashenko will also attend official dinner that Silvio Berlusconi will give in his honor. In October 2008, the European Union lifted the ban that barred Lukashenko and top officials of Belarus from entering Europe. Lukashenko was dubbed as “the last dictator of Europe.”
Afterwards, Alexander Lukashenko will travel to Prague to participate in the summit of EU leaders and members of the Eastern Partnership Program. The heads of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan will arrive in the Czech Republic for the summit too. Russia was not invited, which gave the Russian leadership a reason to see the summit as an attempt of the European Union to set up its cordon along Russia’s borders.

These days, Europe promises multi-billion assistance to Belarus in its struggle against the crisis. In return, they do not want Lukashenko to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Parliament of Belarus was supposed to consider the issue on April 2, but the discussion was delayed before September. It goes without saying that the parliament, which mostly includes Lukashenko’s followers, consulted the president before making such a decision.

Lukashenko’s visit to The Vatican is interesting per se. The president of Belarus will meet the Pope to discuss the questions of cooperation between his country and the Roman Catholic Church. It will be a gift to many Belarussians: a quarter of the country’s population practice Catholicism.

Lukashenko will also try to exercise his skills in the field of church diplomacy. He said April 26 that he was going to deliver a letter from the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill to the Pontiff. Rumor has it that Lukashenko would like the heads of the two churches to meet in Belarus.

“My visit to the Pope proceeds from the appraisals that we have been getting from the hierarchs of the Catholic Church regarding the politics that we have been running towards Catholics. There were so many questions about the relations between the authorities and the church, the Catholic Church, first and foremost. Where are those questions? There are none!” Lukashenko said.

He added that the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill highly estimates the position of the Orthodox faithful in Belarus. Therefore, Lukashenko believes, God bestowed a blessing upon him to act as a mediator between Moscow and The Vatican.

From The Vatican, Lukashenko will go to the residence of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The Belarussian leader will attend official dinner in his own honor there. The last time, when he had such a party, took place in France in 1995.

Lukashenko has conceived an artful geopolitical game. He has succeeded a lot lately as he managed to improve ties with Europe and maintain friendly ties with Russia. Now he will obviously try to obtain the maximum from the geographical position of his country to make it a springboard between Russia and the EU. He will also have an opportunity to exercise his skills of a mediator between two religions. If he succeeds again and makes the Pontiff and the Patriarch meet in Belarus, his name will always be remembered in world history.
The European Union will insist on giving more freedom to the opposition of Belarus, whereas Russia will not be able to sponsor the nation with cheap oil and gas forever. Lukashenko will have to face a lot of pressure anyway.

Da Team - African Swagga - Chocolate girls and rithym guys - Why do I like this song

I like Da Team and I like their songs. I especially like those ebony babes (my girl friend, pls do not read this lol)

Puffin birds are playing in Skomer Island - Documentary about Puffins from Britain - Where is the Puffin Island?

When you look at the British Isles, puffins are the funniest and most interesting birds. Here you will learn something about them..

Domuz Gribi - Domuz Gribi hakkında bilgiler - Nedir, Nasıl bulaşır bir hastalıktır - Aşısı varmıdır

Son günlerin en tehlikeli salgın hastalığı Domzu Gribi her an herkese bulaşabilir. Peki nasıl bir griptir bu? İste Domuz gribinin özellikleri:

Normalde domuzlarda görülen A tipi grip virüsünün yol açtığı bir solunum hastalığı olarak biliniyor ve hızla yayılabiliyor.
Domuzdan insana ve insandan insana bulaşabiliyor. Virüse karşı insanın doğal bağışıklığı bulunmuyor. Bu nedenle Dünya Sağlık Örgütü (DSÖ), hastalığın kontrolden çıkmak üzere olan geniş çaplı salgın olabileceği uyarısında bulunuyor.

Hayır. Solunum yoluyla bulaşıyor.

İnsanlardaki grip virüsü gibi, domuz gribi virüsü de domuzlarda sürekli değişim gösteriyor. Domuzların solunum yollarında domuz, insan ve kuş gribi virüslerine duyarlı alıcılar bulunuyor. Dolayısıyla domuzlar, virüslerin eş zamanlı bulaşması halinde yeni grip virüslerinin ortaya çıkma ihtimalini artırıyor. Meksika'da ölümlere neden olan domuz gribi virüsü A/H1N1 ve insan, domuz ve kuş gribi virüslerinin karışımından oluşuyor.

Domuzlara yapılan aşı bulunuyor, ancak insan için henüz aşı yok.

Eminem - 3 A.M - Original music and Lycris - Eminem's new single 3 A.M Lyrics

Eminem is back with a cool single.. but, to be honest with you, I didn't like it much. we want old Eminem back!!!

Ohh ohhh
Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea)
Ohh ohhh
Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea)
Ohh ohh
Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea)oh(yea)
There is no escaping (yo)(yooo)
There's no place to hide(yooo)(yooo)
Yes please someone save me(yo)(yooo)
But they don't pave no mind( yooo) (yooo)
(Good night)
Good bye

(Verse 1)
Your walkin down a horror corridor
It's almost 4 in the mornin
And your in a
Right there's the corinor
Waitin for you
To turn the corner
So he can corner ya
Your a goner
He's ona ya
Out the corner of his cornea
He just saw you run
All you want is to rest
Cause you can't run anymore
Your done
All he wants is to kill you in front of an audience
While everybody
Is watchin in the party applauding it
Here I sit while I'm caught up in deep thought again
Contemplading my next plot again
Swallowin a colata pin
While I'm noddin
In and out on the autumn and
If the ramada inn
Holdin onto the pill bottle then
Stick my finger and swirl it round the bottom
And make sure I got all of it
Wake up naked at mcdonalds
Blood all over me
Dead bodies
Behind the counter
Guess I must of just blacked out again

It's 3 a.m in the mornin
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em

I said
It's 3 am in the mornin
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em

(Verse 2)
Sitting dude in my living room
It's almost noon
I wonder what's on the tube
Maybe they'll show some boobs
Surfing every channel
Until I find hannah montana
Then I reach for the aloe and lanalin
Bust all over the wall panel and dismantlin
Every candle on top of the fire place
Grab my flannel and my bandana then
Kiss the naked manakin man again
You can see him standin in my
Front window
If you look in
I'm just a hooligan
Who's use to usin hallicinogens
Causin illusions again
Brain contusions again
Cutting and bruising the skin
Raise the scissors and pins
Jesus when does it end
Phases that I go through
Dazed and not so confused
Days that I don't know who
Gave these molecules too
What am I gone do
Hey the prodical son
The diabolical one
Very mythogical
When I slaughtered them

It's 3 a.m in the mornin
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em

I said
It's 3 am in the mornin
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em

(Verse 3)
She puts the lotion in the bucket
He puts the lotion on the skin
Or else it gets the hose again
She puts the lotion in the bucket
He puts the lotion on the skin
Or else it gets the hose again

I duck and I slash slice and gash
Last night was a blast
I can't quite remember when I
Had that much fun
Off a half pint fifth of jack
My last vic and a half
A flashlight
Up kim kardashians ass

I remember the first time
I dismembered a family member
December I think it was
I was having drinks with my cuz
And I wrapped him
In christmas lights
Pushed him into the stinkin tub
Cut him up into pieces
Then just when I went to drink his
I thought I outta drink this bath water
That outta be fun
That's when my days of serial murder man slaughter begun
The sight of blood excites me
That might be an artery son
Your blood coverin screams
Just don't seem to bother me none
It's 3 am
And here I come
So you should probably run
A secret passage way around here
Man there's got to be one
Oh no there's probably none
He can scream all that he wants
Top of his lungs
It aint no stoppin me from choppin him up(up)

Cause it's 3 a.m in the mornin
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em

I said
It's 3 am in the mornin
Put my key in the door
There's bodies layin all of the floor and
I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must of killed em
Killed em

Yooo (yoooo)
A yoooo (a yoooo)
Yooo (yoooo)
A yoooo (a yoooo)
Yooo (yoooo)
A yoooo (a yoooo)
Yooo (yoooo)
A yoooo ( a yoooo)

Pencil Seller, Part 1- A Prehistoric Poem, written by a Prehistoric Poet

Pencil Seller's Tale - 1

Everyday I collect apples
From the Knight's gardens
I sell them to pilgrims
And I live near Naples

My wallet is not too big
But my wife's order is a hazel wig
I sell pencils made from twig
And I love to eat fresh fig

Bretwalda Colo-Colo, A Prehistoric Poet

Do Not Copy My Poems! Grrrrrr

Psoriasis - An Embarrassing Illnesses

Four weeks into his psoriasis treatment a patient returns to the clinic to show the doctor the results.


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My Dear, Dear Betsy, I am now, for the most part, in a part of the world I never expected, it is however a place that has afforded me relief and saved my life, and I have the happiness to assure you that I am now in perfect health... Know then my own Dear Betsy, that I have lost the Bounty...on the 28 April at day light in the morning Christian having the morning watch. He with several others came into my Cabin while I was a Sleep, and seizing me, holding naked Bayonets at my Breast, tied my Hands behind my back, and threatened instant destruction if I uttered a word. I however call'd loudly for assistance, but the conspiracy was so well laid that the Officers Cabbin Doors were guarded by Centinels, so Nelson, Peckover, Samuels or the Master could not come to me. I was now dragged on Deck in my Shirt & closely guarded – I demanded of Christian the case of such a violent act, & severely degraded for his Villainy but he could only answer – "not a word sir or you are Dead." I dared him to the act & endeavoured to rally some one to a sense of their duty but to no effect...