Rain - The Baddest - Rain new Most Wanted Baby Father

here you go Rain fans!

Mordred The Artist - Mordred best song "The Artist" and Lyrics

Self employed self made scam
Like a child who forgot how to learn
Just conserving time
In this homemade prison he'll burn

Tongue like a rusty razor tricky and sharp
With eyes that seem so pure
Walk like a dusty soldier proud and sure
With a medal of his buddy's heart

There's the pitch looks like a curve
He who dies with the most toys wins
Faceless, nameless they're all the same
He'll take your money with a toothy grin

Tongue like a rusty razor tricky and sharp
With eyes that seem so pure
Walk like a dusty soldier proud and sure
With a medal of his buddy's heart

Worse than the animal
The artist needs
The artist greeds
He bites the hand that feeds
Worse than the animal
The artist needs
The artist greeds

Floating in franklins like a pig in shit
He's got money to burn yours not mine
Material madness bashes him down
And sends the fucker to the end of the line

Tongue like a rusty razor tricky and sharp
With eyes that seem so pure
Walk like a dusty soldier proud and sure
With a medal of his buddys heart

Worse than the animal
The artist needs
The artist greeds
He bites the hand that feeds
Worse than the animal
The artist needs
The artist greeds

Children buried alive in the Amazon - HAKANI

Every year,hundreds of children are buried alive in the Amazon. Brazil.
Hakani - the story of one who survived.

Kral Harlem - Eskisi Gibi Degilim - Turkish rap from Austrian guy

Kral Harlem is number one!

Amino - Einer Gegen Alle - Amino new teaser - new wave of german rap

Amino - Einer Gegen Alle - Teaser

Amino ft Amir-T - Wir waren einmal - new german hit "Wir waren einmal"

listen to the 2009's best german song Amino ft Amir-T Wir waren einmal

Chad Dawson Light Heavyweight Champ Chad Dawson Takes on Antonio Tarver -

Smitty talks to Light Heavyweight Champ Chad Dawson and his trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad as he readies for his rematch against former Champ Antonio Tarver May 8 at The Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

The Fray - Look After You - Scrubs Soundtrack

Look After You by The Fray

The Wildcards - Hell - The Wildcards new single Hell from The Album RAISING HELL

Vince Lee - Vocal / Guitar
Martin Vowles - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Al Wallis - Bass / Backing Vocals
Kevin Crowe - Drums / Backing Vocals

Godflesh Tiny Tears - Godflesh industrial metal band

Godflesh was an industrial metal band from Birmingham, England, formed in 1988 by Justin K. Broadrick (guitar, vocals, and programming) and G. C. Green (bass).

Deliverance This Present Darkness - lyrics - Christian Thrash metal

Drive-by shootings fill fear in the hearts of the city
A shortage of life
No warriors to fight the thugs
who rule with no pity
The leaders say it will all end
but why do they constantly lose?
because the one thing they fail to
mention is they are part of it too

A constant search for cover
a search for the remnant to pray
but mighty are the weapons of God to
combat this present darkness

Satan's plan
Knowing not the fight for your soul
Don't believe his lies
just unveil your eyes
Through prayer
Bring down the strongholds

A constant search...
A constant search...

Romantic short messages - Love messages for lovers - Romantic sms for couples

Lovely short messages for lovely lovers.

Here you go..

When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone, make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart, cuz broken hearts has never spare parts.

There are Tulips in my garden, there are Tulips in the park, but nothing is more beautiful then our two lips meeting in the dark!

Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me!

I love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, Your happy smile. Your loving face No1 will ever take your place.

If I could rewrite the alphabets, I will put U & I together. So we'll never go apart.

I was never tired of this life and its not gonna matter if I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall, you won't let me hit the ground.

I'll love the sun for days, the moon for nights, and YOU for forever.

Stupid jokes - Silly short jokes - Nonsense jokes - Useless short jokes

Why women love gold more than men?
Because gold has 24 carrot whereas man has only one carrot.
Where do you find a one legged dog?
Where you left it

What side of an apple is the left side?
The side that hasn't been eaten.

Which candle burns longer, a yellow one or a red one?
Neither. They both burn shorter.

Why do Couples hold hands on Wedding Day?
Just for Formality, like 2 Boxers shaking hands before Fight!!

Small things hurt a lot
Example : u can sit on a mountain but not on a pin...

Ha Ha Ha!

Canay Cengen - Sarmaşıklı Bahçeler - Canay Sarmaşıklı Bahçeler yeni şarkısı dinle

Sarmaşıklı Bahçeler, slow rock Canay Cengen

Canay Cengen - Kendi Halinde - Canayn derin rock - Bir Günde Devr-i Alem

Kendi Halinde dinle, Canay'dan

Yeşim Erçetin - Pişman - Yeşim Erçetin yeni albumu 2009

Yeşim Erçetin'in Pişman Albümündeki diger parcalar

1. Utanmıyormusun
2. Pişman
3. Aslan Gibi
4. Ümitsiz Vakka
5. Mutluluklar Dilerim
6. Cadı Kazanı
7. Cicim Ayları
8. Üç Gün
9. Allah Affetsin
10. Banane
11. Susma
12. Şifa Niyetine
13. Azılı Belalım

Yeşim Erçetin - Şifa Niyetine - Yesim Erçetin şarkısı Şifa Niyetine dinle

Yeşim Erçetin 2009

Pencil Seller - Part 2

Pencil Seller - 2

Bees like to travel between roses
I work with snob bosses
Life is too short, we need happiness
June comes with red roses

Brave Knights and The Horses
An old tale I heard from Moses
No time to talk to strangers
I have to sell all my pencils

Bretwalda Colo-Colo, A Prehistoric Poet

Do Not Copy My Poems! Grrrrrr

Golden Eagle loves to kill Foxes and show its hunting skills - Golden Eagle wants to collect all the gold madals

We know the Foxes are good hunters. They love to hunt birds and chicks and make delicious dinners from them. But, as you are going to see in the video, sometimes they are dinners for the birds..

Windows Xp from Jungle - XP Song Remix from funny people

I love this remix. it's like warriors coming from the jungle, but not to fight, to dance for fun.

Croatian Eurovision song "Lijepa Tena" - Igor Cukrov and Andrea

I don't think this song will win the Eurovision. It's not unique to hit the walls of our ears.. is it?

Stryper - Loving You - Stryper's 1984 EP "Yellow and Black Attack" - Lyrics from 80's metal boys

Can anyone remember this band? Aren't they so cool? We miss 80's metal bands..

I was so confused, not knowing what to do with myself.
I was being used, blinded I was headed for hell.
Then God saved me, pulled me from the heat.
It's always on my mind.
What a blessing that was sent to me.
Together we will shine and...

I'm loving you.
I'm loving you.
I'm loving you.
I'm loving you.

Anger in my heart, life was such a drag for me.
Then I made a start to serve the living God, now I'm free.
You're my whole life, you're my lasting dream.
It's always on my mind.
What a blessing that was sent to me.
Together we will shine and...

Iran is ready for Formula 1 - Iranian speed kings

We don't know if Iran has nuclear bombs or not. But we know that there are really cool drivers in this country. See this one, for example.. Could Lewis Hamilton do it? :)


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My Dear, Dear Betsy, I am now, for the most part, in a part of the world I never expected, it is however a place that has afforded me relief and saved my life, and I have the happiness to assure you that I am now in perfect health... Know then my own Dear Betsy, that I have lost the Bounty...on the 28 April at day light in the morning Christian having the morning watch. He with several others came into my Cabin while I was a Sleep, and seizing me, holding naked Bayonets at my Breast, tied my Hands behind my back, and threatened instant destruction if I uttered a word. I however call'd loudly for assistance, but the conspiracy was so well laid that the Officers Cabbin Doors were guarded by Centinels, so Nelson, Peckover, Samuels or the Master could not come to me. I was now dragged on Deck in my Shirt & closely guarded – I demanded of Christian the case of such a violent act, & severely degraded for his Villainy but he could only answer – "not a word sir or you are Dead." I dared him to the act & endeavoured to rally some one to a sense of their duty but to no effect...