Baby Face Obama vs Old Grumpy Obama

He works a lot, he has a wild job which brings massive stress. This is the great change of Obama's look in 5 years of time.
Babe Face Obama

USA vs Lithuania Basketball Fight

American players Lithuanian players world cup fight after the game.

Kirk Hammett

He was born in November 18, 1962, San Francisco.  He is the lead guitarist and a songwriter in the heavy metal band Metallica. He has been a member of the band since 1983.

Female fans of Metallica adore him. Girls scream for him at the concerts.. Boys try to play the guitar like him.. This is Kirk Hammett.
Kirk Hammett

Can You Recognize This Heavy Metal Hero?

In this photo he was only in high school.. Now he is the guitarist of world's most popular metal music band.. Can you recognize this young man? While young female fans of the band covering their bedroom walls with his posters, boys try to play the guitar like him.. Still can't recognize?
Click here to see who he is. You"ll get shocked :)

Do Dogs Eat Fruit? - Fruit Eating Dog

Well, some dogs do some dogs don't.
This big dog in the video eats berries. She is eating gooseberry. This dog loves gooseberry and raspberries as well. This dog is in love with fruit bushes.

Metal Vocalists Zodiac Signs

Which metal vocalist is Taurus? Which metal vocalist is Virgo? Which metal vocalist is Gemini?

AQUARIUS - Varg Vikernes
PIECES - Randy Blythe
ARIES - Alexi Laiho
TAURUS - Chuck Schuldiner
GEMINI - King Diamond
CANSER - Corpsegrinder
LEO - Bruce Dickinson
VIRGO - Rob Halford
LIBRA - Joey Belladonna
SCORPIO - Shagrart

Watch City of Life and Death Online

City of Life and Death Full Movie.

Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan, Fan Wei, Qin Lan, Nakaizumi Hideo, Jiang Yiyan, Yao Di, John Paisley

Directed by Lu Chuan
Produced by Zhao Haicheng, Yang Xinli, Han Xiaoli, Jiang Tao, Liang Yong

Dead Penalty Video - Rape Punishment Live

Two men were sentenced to death by hanging, in Kuwait. The one whose face is visible has raped a 6 years old girl. Kuwait Laws order capital punishment for rapists.

Video shows how dead penalty hanging video. Please do not watch it if you are a very sensitive person.

Original King Kong 1933 Trailer

The first King Kong movie was made in 1933, a black and white movie. a classic. Here is the original official King Kong trailer from 1933.

Barro Blanco Dam and Ngäbe-Buglé Tribe

In Panama, The construction of Barro Blanco, a hydroelectric dam in the Chiriqui Province brings some problems to Ngäbe-Buglé, an indigenous tribe of Panama. Lets watch this short but interesting documentary.

Young Western Girl in Trouble in China - How Cute Chinese Girls Scammed An Innocent British Girl

A beautiful young British girl works in China as a teacher and one day... this happens:

"I was at Tian'anmen Square, just coming out of the National Museum of China (which was mega cool) and there were 3 Chinese girls taking photos of each other outside, in a touristy way. They asked me to take their photo all together, so I did. They started complimenting me (which isn't unusual with the girls here) and asked where I was from etc. They said they were from near Hong Kong and they seemed really nice. They said they were on their way to the food market and I asked if I could join them, they said "of course!" and we started walking there. On the way, after about 15 minute walk, one of them said they were thirsty so we stopped at a shitty little tea shop. It's the Chinese kind where you get a small room privately for your group, which looks like a prison cell with a big table and chairs inside. They ordered 2 pots of herbal tea and some coffee. I ordered a coke and also had a couple of cups of the herbal tea. We were chatting and laughing and it was all really nice. After about 20 minutes, one of the girls ordered glasses of red wine for us all to "celebrate making a new friend" and we all drank to that. I said I was looking forward to seeing the food market as it was apparently full of traditional Chinese food, along with the scorpions and spiders etc kind of stuff on sticks. They said "OK, let's go now, drink up!" so we did. We'd been in the room about 40 minutes, having a great time. One of the girls went out of the small room and came back in with the waitress and the bill. The bill was 2000 yuan, which is about £200. This is for 2 pots of herbal tea, a coke, 2 cups of coffee and some crisps that we shared. I immediately knew I'd been scammed and the whole thing was a set up, but I didn't let on. I was smiling and saying "wow, that's so expensive! Shall we split it between us?" They were smiling and said "Yes, that's what we normally do. We don't come here very often because it's expensive, but it's worth it because it's so nice".

They said they were going to all pay by card. I dug into my bag and looked in my purse. I took all my money out except for 70 yuan (about £7) and put it into my bra when they weren't looking. Then I said loudly "Oh shit, I'm so sorry, I don't have enough money, I had no idea that it would be so expensive!" I showed them inside my purse and counted out the notes. I gave them every last bit of money I had in there and was apologizing a lot. That's when it started getting nasty. They stood up around me while I was still sitting down and they started shouting and getting quite aggressive. One of them grabbed my bag and took out my purse to check for more money. She pulled out my Chinese bank card and tried to take it out of the room to try to pay with it. I grabbed her and wrestled her to try to get it back, but the others pushed me to the ground. I got back up and got my card back. I told them there is no money in that account anyway, which there isn't, as I haven't been paid yet. They got the card back off me and tried to pay with it. Obviously, it didn't work and they threw it back at me. They went through my bag to try to find more money, but there was none. They all went out of the room and locked me in on my own. I put my phone in my knickers!

They left me locked in that room on my own for about 15 minutes, I was fucking terrified. The 3 girls came back in and there were 4 or 5 men standing at the door, looking kinda tough. The girls were shouting at me and pushed me to the ground again. I tried to leave but the men stopped me. After another 15 minutes of shouting and them insisting I had more money or a phone, they left and I followed them out. They said they were very angry and no longer wanted to go to the food market and they were going home. I walked (very fast) down the street towards the subway station and they followed me all the way there. I stood next to a security guard and they stood just a short distance up the street, looking at me. After about 10 minutes, they turned around and walked away. I ran and got onto the first subway train I saw. I burst into tears, shaking and nobody gave a fuck. Nobody speaks English and I was completely alone and helpless, it was awful."
Western Girls vs Asian Girls , White Girls vs Asian Girls ,  European Girls vs Chinese Girls

Muslims or Islam? - Do Atheists offend Islam or Muslims? - What is the Difference?

Is it all about Islam itself or Muslims? Who is actually offended by atheists?

After some atheists believe in that Islam is offended by some arguments of today's world, an unpopular friend of mine wrote this.

"I was born in a secular Muslim country and 80% of the people around me were Muslims until my 20's. and I never heard of any of those things offended anyone. Woman rights, free speech, democracy (especially), eating whatever you want, genuine human rights, gay marriage (it was not in any subject those times) and more less those kind of things have always been considered as essentials of life and our society. Then I heard almost the same or very similar words from some other Muslim countries too (Malaysia, Bosnia etc).  Therefore its not the Islam what is offended by those thins but some certain group believers. And this kind of thins take time to establish. For example, not too long, only 80 years ago there were many Western countries (like France in 1944, Italy in 1946, Greece in 1952, Switzerland in 1971 and more)  where women were not counted as individuals.

Economy, education, civil wars, etc etc play very important key roles in human development. We cannot expect everything in the world changes in seconds. Its like Orthodoxy and democracy. Technically there cannot be democracy in Orthodoxy, but it has to change, they have to find a way to bring them together. and this problems has been going on for centuries....

I lived in Britain for 10 years and stayed long time in Sweden, Canada, USA, Lithuania, South America and most of my friends are from Western world. What I noticed is: unfortunately, all these countries are full of extremists and terrorists.
Did you know, most of the most wanted extremists from every religion, any ethnic group, communist, Islamist, whateverist are living in countries such as UK, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, USA? for example, that hook-hand Muslim extremist in Britain, you know that man, why did he go to European Human Right Court? He wanted to stay in Britain.. the reason is, if he returns his own country, or any Muslim country (except Saudi Arabia) he would be in prison because of his extreme activities. Isn't it interesting? There isn't any Muslim country on earth these kind of people are allowed (except like Somalia, Afghanistan, these are exceptional places).. but they are always very welcome to all western countries. How come?
Anyway.. these are never ending issues"
Athesists vs Muslims , Atheists vs Jews , Athesists vs Islam , Athesists vs Arabs

Gothic Painting of Stand Church - Whitefield Manchester

Steve's review on John Bold's "Stand Church"
'This church is near where I live, in the area I've always lived. It was painted in the 70's or earlier [the artist died in 1979]. The houses in the foreground look unrecognizable to me.

I've visited this church a few times and pass it frequently, the architecture is very Gothic with huge arches, stone gargoyles and a large graveyard. It's a very Gothic church up close and personal. The painting depicts the rear of the church.

Despite the church being in the background of the painting where none of the Gothic architecture is too obvious, this painting just looks so dark and Goth. The trees, the old houses and the grey skies really set the scene for what I consider Gothic art. The black cat is a nice touch too.

However, I imagine the artist never considered his painting to be Gothic art.

Kayaking in Lithuania - Girls Canoeing in Vilnius

Neris River in Lithuania is fantastic for canoeing and kayaking. In this video you will see a group of girl friends kayaking in Vilnius on Neris River. A beautiful summer day in Lithuania. Perfect for a kayak trip.
Kayak trip Lithuania - Canoe trip Lithuania - Watersports in Lithuania - Paddling in Neris River - Vilnius Girls in Canoes

Canoeing in Vilnius - Canoeing in Lithuania - Canoes on Vilnele River

In this video you can see tourists are canoeing in Vilnele River, Vilnius, Lithuania.
There are lots of little and bigger streams and rivers in Lithuania for canoe lovers.

Weirdest Bird in The World

Shark-Bird. Is this real? It looks like the weirdest bird in the world. I wish I could have it on my balcony.

Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 15

Lithuania Street Music Festival, May 2014  Part 15
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Vilnius Street Music Festival, May2014 - Part 14

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 14
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 13

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 13
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 12

Lithuania Street Music Festival, May 2014  Part 12

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Vilnius Street Music Festival, May2014 - Part 11

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 11
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 10

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 10
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 9

Lithuania Street Music Festival, May 2014  Part 9
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Vilnius Street Music Festival, May2014 - Part 8

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 8
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 7

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 7
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 6

Lithuania Street Music Festival, May 2014  Part 6
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Vilnius Street Music Festival, May2014 - Part 5

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 5
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 4

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 4
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 3

Lithuania Street Music Festival, May 2014  Part 3
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Vilnius Street Music Festival, May2014 - Part 2

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 2
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Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014 - Part 1

Lithuania Street Music Festival, 2014  Part 1
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Videos from Vilnius Street Music Festival 2014

Various amateur street musicians, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 2014

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Metroda Soma Kavgası - Protestocuya Karşı Başbakancılar

İstanbul metrosunda Soma faciasından dolayı AKP'yi protestosto edenlerle  karşı çıkanlar az daha birbirlerine giriyordu.

Cactus Coach - Cactus Sofa - Cactus Bed

Cactus Furniture. Would you like to have this cactus coach for your living room? or how about making love on it? This cactus sofa might be a dream thing for green couples.


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